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May 07, 2022 Innsmouth Gold Season 1 Episode 0
Innsmouth Book Club
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Show Notes

Hosted by Rob Poyton, Tim Mendees and John Chadwick, the Innsmouth Book Club is a podcast devoted to works of Lovecraftian literature, weird fiction and cosmic horror in general. As well as books, we  review and discuss film, TV, gaming, art and music  and chat with Lovecraftian creatives about their work.

Our fortnightly trips take you to Innsmouth's cultural sites, including the Library, the Museum, the Olde Book Shoppe and the Picturehouse. We also call in at the Gilman House for a chat with the current guest.

At the moment our tours are free, though we do put out exclusive Patron only episodes, too. For details on how to support the show, visit our Patreon site. You can join at three levels of membership, and benefits include a monthly PDF copy of Innsmouth News, access to bonus content, invites to join us as a guest, and more.  You can  access all our past episodes there, too!

We welcome your comments, questions suggestions and news items for the show, so please do drop us a line.  You can contact us by e-mail at,  or on our FB page

The Arkham bus is leaving soon...hop on board!

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